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Monday, July 12, 2010


i've always wanted curly hair. i like kate hudson's loose, bohemian style...
...or these pretty curls...
...or if i was feeling especially daring, something like this style! (although i'm not sure it would look good on me)

after my body wave incident with aveda, i've decided that curls are just not in the cards for me. i've been trying to decide whether to cut my bangs again, or let them grow out...pregnancy isn't the time to do anything drastic, so whatever i do will be subtle:)


  1. I hear you on the hair front. I love KH's perfect curls...Japanese perms actually look quite good, and they are much less damaging for one's hair. What is this aveda product you speak of?

  2. i went to aveda to get a "body wave," which i pictured as a kate hudson-esque perm. it turned out like a super tight eighties spiral perm...and it was totally straight at the ends. worst decision ever! it took well over six hours, too. i decided to make peace with my straight hair from that point forward:)