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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

new items in my etsy shop!

i've had these moccasins for quite a while and, since i've never worn them, i decided it was time to pass them along to someone younger and hipper. i still kind of love them...
this is a print i created from a photo i took of my polaroid camera. my dad actually gave me about six polaroid cameras, only one of which works, so it was nice to find a use for one of them. i'm still trying to find film...does anyone have any hot tips on cheap polaroid film?
i love these shoes, but i can't wear them because i ruined my feet with too-small shoes when i was younger. they're really great!
i love these shoes too, but my hobbit feet can't fit into them comfortably. someone with narrower, daintier feet will surely love them.
i hope some little hipster child rocks these out with skinny jeans and a red and black checked flannel.
this is a print i created from a photo of my typewriter. i mentioned this print in the blog post called "typewriter tea towels coming." yes, they're still coming...i just don't have the funds to buy the towels to print on yet!
this print was created from a photo of a bicycle. it's not perfect, but i still like it. i'm kind of a perfectionist, so i have a hard time with little imperfections.
this is the same print as the one above, just a different shot.
this print is the same as the linocut cards in the shop. the linocut was designed by me and was inspired by a vintage watering can my husband gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago.
this is the same print as above, only in a different color.
this is the same print as the other bicycle on yellow paper. the paper is actually a light brown, but it looks rather white here.

it was a productive day! there are many, many more new items in my shop that i didn't mention, so check it out! i'm hoping to add at least ten more items tomorrow...stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

eyeglass mania

penny chewed up my $40 glasses from eyeglass world, so i'm on the hunt for some vintage frames. i've been looking on etsy, but have a hard time telling if i like the frames without trying them on. i could use some input. the frames pictured above were found on etsy.

so which frames do you like best? have a wonderful monday!

Monday, February 22, 2010

i think this quote is a lovely reminder...i found it here.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

ebony and ivory...

since this is a post about black and white, i had to include my most favorite black and white friend...

when i picked the paint colors for my house three years ago, i thought i wanted really warm colors. now i really like how crisp and clean whites, light grays, and pale blues look. i especially like how dramatic blacks and bright colors look against a light backdrop. this picture was found on design*sponge. click here to see the rest of the house tour.
this picture was taken from the same house tour on design*sponge. i like the pale backdrop, black accents, and splashes of color. i also like the polaroid print behind the bed...i wonder if i could add some layers of color to my polaroid screen-print...
again, this photo was taken from the same house tour. i LOVE the bright chair and orange accents. it all looks so clean and organized.
this is a picture of a rug from West Elm. I used to hate big patterned rugs, but they've grown on me. i think this rug would look lovely in a pale gray room with pops of bright oranges, aquas, and reds. i might try this tutorial for making a similar rug with duck cloth and freezer paper stencils, although the math-hater in me doesn't really like the idea of all that measuring and exactness...maybe...

this is actually a photo i took in belize. i found this FANTASTIC ceramic tile in a ramshackle building on the beach. i think it would be amazing in an entryway, bathroom, or kitchen. there was another really cool tile in one of the bus stations. it was also black and white, and the walls were painted a mustard yellow. i might try to make a screen-print similar to this tile and print some fabric for my sewing projects. i think it would be a lovely backing for a pillow, or maybe a wee little pocket on a dress or tunic.

on an unrelated note, i just ordered a book that i'm really excited about. i have always admired the work of its author, lena corwin, so it should be an inspiring read. it's called "Printing by Hand: A Modern Guide to Printing with Handmade Stamps, Stencils, and Silk Screens." check it out here. it should be here soon!

happy monday!

Friday, February 19, 2010

ooh la la

i LOVE this wallpaper from anthropologie! it would look so cute in a breakfast nook, or a snug little corner. i'm working on a bicycle screen-print today. i attempted to do my typewriter screen-print late last night, but i messed it up. ah, is a new day. happy friday, all!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

if i had lots of money...

taken from:
taken from:
taken from:
taken from:
taken from:
taken from:
taken from:

...but it wouldn't be half as much fun to have everything i want. i love going to thrift stores and estate sales to search for treasures. enough dreaming, now back to work!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

some afters

this is is a picture from the living room, looking into the dining room. the lighting was terrible in the dining room, so i didn't get any good shots.
this is the kitchen (obvious, no?). it's a little messy in this picture, but it looks a lot better than before.
this is the breakfast nook. we struggle for a long time with what kind of table to put in here. it's a very small space, and nothing we put in there felt right. finally, we found an old wooden drafting table on craigslist that fits just right. the tablecloth, stools, and pendant light were all thrift store finds.
this is another shot of the breakfast nook.
this is a photo of my "plate wall" that was inspired by lisa congdon's kitchen on design*sponge sneak peeks. i think i'll move it into the dining room once it's repainted. most of the plates are thrifted, with the exception of the bird plate in the lower left hand corner. that plate is from urban outfitters.

this is a shot of our record collection in the dining room. my dad got the old record holder from my high school library. they were going to throw it away! the animal pictures hanging above the records were purchased at a garage sale when i was 18! they decorated the walls of my very first apartment.
this is one of my wee little collections in the dining room. in the summer, i like to fill them with single stems of flowers from our garden.
this is a messy stack of dishes that i have sitting on a shelf in the dining room. i've been thinking more and more of getting some kind of china cabinet to display them all in. the pyrex dishes were thrift store finds and the orla kiely bowl is from target.
my sister just gave me this fabulous needlepoint! i'm very excited to have it:)
this is a needlepoint that i inherited from one of my old landlords. i love it!
this is my vintage mug collection. my husband was bothered by the crammed cupboard, so i moved them into their own shelves in the dining room.

this is the living room and one of three couches. this couch is from urban outfitters. it folds down into a bed. the coffee table is a thrift store find. i actually found the base and top separately; i think the total cost was about $20! the black and white pillows are from ikea and the crochet pillow is from urban outfitters.
this is penny in the living room. it was too cute not to include!
this is another couch in the living room. this one is also from urban outfitters. the two smaller pillows were found at thrift stores and the larger crochet pillow is from urban outfitters.
this is a shot of the dining room, taken from the entryway. my dad salvaged the locker basket from my old high school locker room. the orange couch in the photo is also a gift from my dad. it was salvaged from my old high school library.

this is my new picture grouping in the living room. from left to right: 1.) the red, white, and aqua painting was done by me, 2.) the red-framed picture is a black and white paper cut design i did back in a college art class at calvin, 3.) the needlepoint monkey is a thrift store find, 4.) the "let the sun shine in" screen-print is from slide sideways on etsy, 5.) the brown wooden box is a gift from my dad...he salvaged from somewhere, not sure where, 6.) the small red-framed linocut was done by me, 7.) the polaroid screen-print was done by me, 8.) the antique mirror was purchased at "coat of many colors" in grand rapids, mi.
this is a shot of the entryway and staircase. the wire basket was salvaged from an old factory and spray-painted bright red. it currently holds all of our hats, gloves, scarves, and mittens. the pictures going up the stairs are nikki mcclure prints that were purchased here. i picked up the black frames at hobby lobby for $10 each.
this is a shot of the entryway and the staircase landing. the rug was thrifted and the encaustic painting was done by me.
this is a shot of the entryway. the flower decals were purchased here. the chalkboard is from ikea.
this is a shot of the living room, taken from the entryway. the lamp and shade were thrift store finds.

please excuse the quality of these pictures. i don't like to use flash, and apparently it's a bad time of day to take photos. anyway, you get the idea. i'll try to take some better pictures later. i didn't take any pictures of the upstairs because it's a little messy right now. enjoy!