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Friday, March 26, 2010

i've become one of them...

i want another boston. i'm officially boston terrier crazy (some of you are not surprised, i'm sure). i used to make fun of them, and look at me now. this beautiful girl is a rescue dog, who is being fostered in kent city, mi. her name is abbi. don't you think penny needs a playmate?

a new bed for penny

i really want a comfortable, retro bed for penny. i thought about trying to make one out of an old piece of furniture, but haven't found just the right thing. then i saw this on etsy!

i'm going thrifting today for items for my store, and i think i might just have to look for a cool suitcase. penny is going to love it!

photo credits: this photo was taken from here.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

wine cork bath mat!

i've been saving wine corks for quite some time now, and haven't found a project i'm too excited about...until now! there's a tutorial for repurposing wine corks into a bath mat on crafty nest. it looks like a tedious process, but i might have to try it anyway. i don't think i have enough corks yet...better get to drinking! who wants to help?

photo credits: all photos were taken from crafty nest.

Friday, March 19, 2010

perlorian cats...something to start your weekend right...


"cats maks excellnt watchmen." everyone knows that.

(note the first kitty's tongue slightly sticking out)

this one might just be my favorite...

my sister, betsy, introduced me to to world of the perlorian cats a few years ago. i LOVE them. i especially like their weighted pants. priceless.

photo credits: all images were found here.