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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

weekend trip to ikea + baby stuff

the changing table we bought at ikea this weekend! we have a little sheepskin cover for the changing pad, so it should make it a little cozier.
this is the fabric we bought from ikea for the baby's duvet cover.
our high chair from ikea.
cute little wooden toy we bought at ikea...i'm hoping we'll have mostly wooden and non-battery operated toys...we'll see if the family cooperates:)
our crib from ikea.
the print i just bought from etsy for the little one's room. i'm thinking i'll spray paint an old picture frame bright orange and have a nice matte cut.

i love these bright garlands from etsy. the baby's room will be either off white, pale gray, or pale blue. i figure that way i can add tons of bright accents without looking too circus-y.
same ideas as above...also from etsy.

i just bought these little patches from etsy to stitch onto his tiny little cardigans.
ernie just bought these for me from etsy! they're even cuter in person
i ordered this from etsy a couple of weeks ago. it's very cute, but teeny tiny.

okay, i'll promise not to make all of my posts baby-related. i just had to get that out of my system:).

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