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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

yes, i'm a nerd

the artistic side of me would love not to notice this....but does it bother anyone else that the phrase spray painted on this cabinet is grammatically incorrect? "everything in it's place?" hmmm, it seems this is one of the most common grammatical mistakes. i totally get it; i can see the logic in making "it" into its possessive form. But wouldn't you double check before posting the picture on a widely viewed public forum?

photo credits: this photo was taken from a sneak peek on design*sponge.


  1. That's a Radiohead song. I wondered if this person copied it from album artwork or something, but if so, you'd think those Brits would be on top of proper English usage.

  2. From D*S: "I had a metal storage cabinet leftover from my old workshop and decided to deck it out with Radiohead lyrics and a stencil of the band to serve as my closet."

    Mental note: read all of post :)

  3. i looked up the radiohead song (double nerd) to see if they used artistic license to spell it differently, but it's spelled "its" in the song title. boy, i spent too much time thinking about this:)

  4. There's no turning back once you start looking into things like this. Resolution must be reached before one can move on :)