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Monday, March 1, 2010

new items in my etsy shop!

i set up a little station in my craft room to take pictures for etsy. i used a vintage bed sheet for a background, and i set the camera on a 10 second timer. because the only place to prop the camera is on the desk, i have to kneel to take the pictures. i'm sure i look like a fool! this is a shot of when i forgot to set the timer.
i really like this shirt. if it doesn't sell soon, i might just have to keep it. i think it would look really cute with dark jeans and black flip flops in the spring or summer.
this shirt has a very cute peter pan collar. it doesn't look so good on me, but it's lovely.
i LOVE this clutch. it's bright red patent leather...very eighties.
this is my favorite. it looks like it's from the seventies, and it's in perfect condition. it looks like it's never been worn! seriously, how cool is a rollerskating fox?
this is another shot of the back. so cool.
this is a shot of me wearing the's a little racy:). it would look cute with a tight t-shirt under it, too. i'm a little tempted to keep it...that's the problem with me selling vintage clothes, it's a little like a diabetic chocolate-addict selling godiva.

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