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Monday, March 1, 2010

interiors blogs & miss havisham homes

the doll limbs put me over the edge. i can picture miss havisham ripping her china dolls limb from limb, while lamenting the loss of her lover.
the cardboard taped on the wall is what bumped this one into the "miss havisham" category. i can picture a hand-written sign that says "keep out" posted above miss havisham's door.
dirty pillows, tea-stained fabrics, etc...enough said?
bird's nests, dirty bottles...i'm just sayin!

i frequently check (read: obsessively) design*sponge sneak peeks, but have been slightly disappointed their recent features. there have been a lot of homes lately that look as though they would smell of moth balls and old cheese. i refer to them as "miss havisham homes." this may be an obscure reference, but it comes from the book "great expectations." miss havisham was an elderly woman, who was left scorned by her lover. she had an old, decaying wedding cake, mice scurrying at her feet, clothing that looked as though it had been steeped in a strong cup of tea, torn upholstery, wallpaper peeling from water-stained walls, etc. above are a few shots of what i consider"miss havisham homes." i don't mean to offend anyone. if you love this style, then good for you..a lot of people do, i just don't happen to be one of them:).

the guardian, a website from the uk, just published a list of their top five interiors blogs. as i mentioned before, i LOVE nosing around people's homes, so this is exciting news for me!

here are their top five picks:

1.) emma's blog
2.) apartment therapy
3.) the selby
4.) design*sponge
5.) design squish

go here to read the full article and get more details about the sites. let me know which one you like best. the last one, design squish, sounds a little like ready made magazine. happy monday!

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