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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

paper cuts

tord boontje's lovely papercut lamp. you should check out his other work...he's pretty amazing.
heather moore, of skinny laminx, is one of my favorite artists. she has a paper cut tutorial here. you might also be interested in her home tour.
this is another skinny laminx design.
the three images above were found via the jealous curator. this is an installation created entirely of cut paper by kristi malakoff. i really like the birds at the top of the may pole. can you imagine how long it would take to create this? talk about hand cramps!

i've done a few paper cut designs, but find myself getting impatient and frustrated pretty quickly. after looking at these designs, i'm thinking maybe i should give it another go (after i replace my x-acto knife blade, of course). has anyone else tried this?

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