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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

hunting for a new coffee table...

it really is lovely, but it gets so darn dirty.

i love our coffee table, i really do. but i'm slowly realizing that i'm just not cut out for a glass coffee table. smudges, hand prints, glass rings, etc. drive me crazy C.R.A.Z.Y. sadly, i'm not exaggerating. i've decided to start looking for something a little less high maintenance.

i don't think this one would look too bad...

i would really love this one, but i'm not sure how a round table would fit in the space. my old high school was throwing away several of these when they renovated their library, but someone took them before my dad could get me one (rats).

my friend suzanna has one of the coolest coffee tables i've ever seen. her husband made it out of a beautiful piece of wood. i'll try to get a picture when we visit them in pennsylvania this weekend:).

photo credits: first photo taken from here. second photo taken from here.

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  1. we need one too - our old one is too bulky and has really sharp corners. i like a few at ikea, but dislike the idea of driving 6 - 8 hours round-trip to get one of them :)

    LOVE the one in the second middle pic, by the way...