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Friday, May 14, 2010

if i could do it again...

1.) i would get married in a barn, photo found here
2.) i would hire a bluegrass band to play in my parents' barn, and i would dance with ernie until my feet hurt. this photo was found here.
3.) i would get these super cute wedding invitations and save the date cards from etsy.
4.) save the date cards from etsy.
5.) i would buy a unique, handmade dress like this one from etsy, or maybe even try to make one myself...
6.) candles hanging from rafters at a barn wedding
7.) not sure what this is, but i liked the white was found here
8.) wedding entrance, found here
9.) various snapshots taken at a barn wedding and reception, found here

our wedding was five years ago, and i was young. i didn't fully have a grasp of what my taste was. i loved, loved, loved our wedding, but i would do things differently if i were planning it today. i would have the ceremony and reception in a barn (maybe my parents'), with luminaries lining the entrance and paper lanterns and candles hanging from the ceiling beams. i would do dinner potluck style, we'd serve ernie's homebrews and homemade wines, and we'd hire a bluegrass band. it's fun to think about! either way, marrying ernie was the very best choice i ever made.

what would you do differently?

1 comment:

  1. oh, TONS of stuff. and a few things the same. you may have just inspired me to do a similar post sometime!

    i'd love to go to your faux-wedding. maybe you should "renew your vows" :)