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Thursday, May 6, 2010

renegade craft fair 2010

the dates have been finalized for this year's renegade craft fair! the chicago fair, which is the one closest to me, will be held september 11 &12 from 11am-7pm. the fair takes place in wicker park. for more information, check here. there are will be fairs all across the country, so make sure to check and see where the nearest fair is.
if you're interested in vending, you can submit an application here. the fee for having a booth is $325, but you can cut costs by sharing a booth with a friend. it sounds like it's a pretty competitive application process, as there is limited room.

i really hope i can make it this year! i better start saving up:)

photo credits: photos taken from here.


  1. it looks like the one closest to me is brooklyn but i have a better idea. i'll fly out to chicago and we'll go together! wouldn't that be super fun? we have lots to talk about when you visit, which by the way is very soon!

  2. that sounds like lots and lots of fun, suz! i can't wait to catch up! we'll be there very soon!