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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

bordering on obsession...

i LOVE design*sponge's sneak peeks. i pore over them for hours, dreaming of how i can incorporate some of the ideas in my own house. i'm also a bit of a snoop, so i love looking in other people's rooms. pictured above are some of my favorites, although there are many, many more! i had to make myself stop!

* pictures 1-3 are from the home of darling clementine on design*sponge sneak peeks
* pictures 4-6 are from the home of skinny laminx on design*sponge sneak peeks
* pictures 7-9 are from the kitchen of lisa congdon on design*sponge sneak peeks

what's your favorite?


  1. Since you pointed out Laura's leaf bowl I've been seeing them EVERYWHERE. Also, I want to get one of those mug-hanger thingies and paint it mustard yellow. I need somewhere to hang my apron that I never use :)

  2. ooh, i have a mug hangie thing that i'm going to paint...any guesses...wait for it...ORANGE! i want to hang my reusable bags on it. i'm thinking about mounting it on the side door by the downstairs bathroom. maybe we should have a spray painting party. ernie HATES it when i spray paint things...maybe because i sometimes do it in the basement (what? it's cold in michigan).

  3. p.s. i'm a wee bit jealous of laura's leaf bowl.

  4. i can't imagine you'd be out spray-painting things in the driveway in february. ernie... come on. (jono would hate it too.)

    i have a few frames that need some color - i do not yet own a mug hangie thing, but i might be able to find one at SVDP, or definitely on etsy. what are you doing tomorrow night?

    p.s. i saw that white pendant light thing on craigslist today - pretty sure it's the same one. i'll send you the link if it's still up.