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Saturday, February 20, 2010

ebony and ivory...

since this is a post about black and white, i had to include my most favorite black and white friend...

when i picked the paint colors for my house three years ago, i thought i wanted really warm colors. now i really like how crisp and clean whites, light grays, and pale blues look. i especially like how dramatic blacks and bright colors look against a light backdrop. this picture was found on design*sponge. click here to see the rest of the house tour.
this picture was taken from the same house tour on design*sponge. i like the pale backdrop, black accents, and splashes of color. i also like the polaroid print behind the bed...i wonder if i could add some layers of color to my polaroid screen-print...
again, this photo was taken from the same house tour. i LOVE the bright chair and orange accents. it all looks so clean and organized.
this is a picture of a rug from West Elm. I used to hate big patterned rugs, but they've grown on me. i think this rug would look lovely in a pale gray room with pops of bright oranges, aquas, and reds. i might try this tutorial for making a similar rug with duck cloth and freezer paper stencils, although the math-hater in me doesn't really like the idea of all that measuring and exactness...maybe...

this is actually a photo i took in belize. i found this FANTASTIC ceramic tile in a ramshackle building on the beach. i think it would be amazing in an entryway, bathroom, or kitchen. there was another really cool tile in one of the bus stations. it was also black and white, and the walls were painted a mustard yellow. i might try to make a screen-print similar to this tile and print some fabric for my sewing projects. i think it would be a lovely backing for a pillow, or maybe a wee little pocket on a dress or tunic.

on an unrelated note, i just ordered a book that i'm really excited about. i have always admired the work of its author, lena corwin, so it should be an inspiring read. it's called "Printing by Hand: A Modern Guide to Printing with Handmade Stamps, Stencils, and Silk Screens." check it out here. it should be here soon!

happy monday!

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