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Thursday, February 11, 2010

for my new grey dining room

okay, i admit it. i am OBSESSED with painting and repainting every room in my house! i have a problem with commitment. i just repainted my living room from a terrible minty green/light blue color to a lovely chartreuse (before and after pictures coming soon). i am now fixated on repainting my dining room from a dark brick red to a pale grey. the name of the chosen color is filtered shade, by valspar. i first saw this color on design sponge at: sorry for the lengthy website address; i haven't figured out how to add links yet (yes, i know, i'm behind the times!).

while it may be putting the cart before the horse, since i haven't painted yet, i decided to make a new piece of art to hang in the room. for the background, i painted the entire canvas with a pale blue. i actually used the paint that i painted my upstairs bathroom with (the second time). i then created a screen-print, using drawing fluid and screen filler.

this shot shows a full picture of the screen-printed canvas.
once this paint dries, i'll screen-print overlapping designs,
so there won't be any spaces in between. i'm hoping for a
brice marden-esque squiggly design...we shall see!

this is a shot of the screen i created for this piece. i drew my design
onto the screen, using drawing fluid. i then squeegeed screen filler
over top. once it dried, i rinsed the screen and let it dry again.

i'll post more pictures, as i continue to work on this piece!
hopefully i'll have some before and afters of the dining room, too!

happy thursday! it's almost the weekend:)

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