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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

new items in my etsy shop!

i've had these moccasins for quite a while and, since i've never worn them, i decided it was time to pass them along to someone younger and hipper. i still kind of love them...
this is a print i created from a photo i took of my polaroid camera. my dad actually gave me about six polaroid cameras, only one of which works, so it was nice to find a use for one of them. i'm still trying to find film...does anyone have any hot tips on cheap polaroid film?
i love these shoes, but i can't wear them because i ruined my feet with too-small shoes when i was younger. they're really great!
i love these shoes too, but my hobbit feet can't fit into them comfortably. someone with narrower, daintier feet will surely love them.
i hope some little hipster child rocks these out with skinny jeans and a red and black checked flannel.
this is a print i created from a photo of my typewriter. i mentioned this print in the blog post called "typewriter tea towels coming." yes, they're still coming...i just don't have the funds to buy the towels to print on yet!
this print was created from a photo of a bicycle. it's not perfect, but i still like it. i'm kind of a perfectionist, so i have a hard time with little imperfections.
this is the same print as the one above, just a different shot.
this print is the same as the linocut cards in the shop. the linocut was designed by me and was inspired by a vintage watering can my husband gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago.
this is the same print as above, only in a different color.
this is the same print as the other bicycle on yellow paper. the paper is actually a light brown, but it looks rather white here.

it was a productive day! there are many, many more new items in my shop that i didn't mention, so check it out! i'm hoping to add at least ten more items tomorrow...stay tuned!


  1. can you put that bike on an 18 mos or 2T shirt and sell it to me? pretty please?

  2. i would love to, but my bike print kind of went kaput. i was able to make a couple good prints and then the design starting rinsing off. i'm getting frustrated with my screen printing--nothing seems to work very well. i might try to make another one. if i do, i will surely make jude something at no cost:)